I liked how you just jumped right in to the song. You hit me over the head with it right off!!! You are a talented guitarist and you almost seem like a much heavier version of Alex Lifeson. The whole song had a RUSH vibe to it. ANd I mean that in a good way!! Sometimes these metal songs definitely miss a vocal track, but this one doesn't. You have a lot of interesting variation.

I'm curious about your process. How long did it take you do it? How did you record it? Is the guitar one long take or multiple? Is it improvised? I'm assuming the drum is programmed? I like the bass also. It's stands out in the mix without being muddy.

Although this is nothing like what you are doing I'd appreicate you taking a listen to my latest.
Thanks for the compliments man they feels good. How long did it take me to do it? I have been playing guitar for 7 years I am strictly a hobbyist of music and this track took me about 2 days to put together. I record with my pod hd500 for my bass and guitar, I use reaper as my DAW. Everything I play started off as me improvising in some form or another its the only reason I picked up an instrument was to try to play whats going on in my dome. Repeated parts you hear like the rhythm guitar and some of the lead lines are fleshed out and composed. But my solos are always improvised. Sometimes the solos will take 1 take or 10, or ill have 11 solos I love and 10 on mute and cant decide on which one I like the most.

I record rhythm guitar first
then leads
then I put leads on mute and improvise the bass over the drum and rhythm tracks, because if I do not do that I end up just thinking and playing like a guitar player with a bass guitar in his hands. I suck with bass so I just get it over with as soon as possible in my recordings haha it's like a chore or eating your vegetables when you're a kid that's why I save it for last. It's usually one or two improvised takes through the whole track and I put down the bass guitar. As far as mixing and mastering I am so noob and basic right now but I am learning slowly little things here and there I like and do not like. Ill go check your work out now.

This comes in hot, nice very grabbing right off the bat. Drums are pounding, the guitars sound pretty solid as well. Whoa that first solo, niiiiiice. This got my attention right away and it keeps it going. Pretty sweet lead. Lots of cool bits, the drums man they power this whole thing. The bass feels weak in comparison and I feel it doesn't do much with the drums. The lead kind of fades for a bit but it comes back strong, very smooth playing everything links together rather nicely. I would say the bassline is weak but the rest is neat. It has a power to it and just ends like "k that's it". Nice.

If you can handle it, this is my thread