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I am trying to sell a couple of guitars but i'm having problems putting a price on them.

Any input from the ultimate guitar community would be greatly appreciated. I've been searching the internet for prices and it doesn't seem that there are any for sale so I cant see what they are normally going for.

Specs and Reviews: http://www.musiciansfriend.com/guitars/gibson-sg-special-faded-3-pickup-electric-guitar

As you can see in my photos there is some wear due to being hung and played but normal for the "faded" line. It was bought in 2007 for I think 850 CAD approx 722 USD not 100% but the numbers are in the ball park.

Here are the photos:


Thanks in advance
How much money do you want for it and how long are you willing to wait to sell it? If you're in no rush start the price at 75% of what you paid for it and see if you get any interest. Then lower the price a bit and try again until you sell it.

If you want to move it quickly start it at about 60% of what you paid for it.

If this guitar is that rare then start the price even higher and see if you get a bite.
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I doubt it, it's not even a limited run according to MF.
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I would price that guitar right around $600. With the expectations that I might be able to sell it for $500. Those were not rare by any shot and the faded series are great guitars but they do not fetch a pretty penny. I actually just bought a faded SG with hardshell case for $399 on GC used, just to satisfy my "need" for an SG.
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+1 to Evilnine. the amps aren't rare nor sought after.

+1 bobafettacheese i have about the same invested into a SG faded. $400ish in decent shape.

anthonyfoley480 i don't you will get over 500USD for it if you want a fast sale. if you are not in a rush, maybe you can get a little more. it depends on how your market is. down here as of late, there are tons of faded gibsons floating around on craigslist with inflated prices. but... they AREN'T selling. i have watched one guy relist a guitar for what i swear is over a year.
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