With 2017 fast approaching. it suddenly dawned on me that I have been haunting UG's Bass Forum for over seven years. That's a long time! And I know others have been here longer than that. Since seven years is pretty much the longest relationship I've ever been in; I have to tip my bourbon glass to her. She's been a welcome harbor in a sea of uncertainty and God knows how many rotten things in life. So what do the rest of you have to say about our little digital home away from home? How does it feel to you that you've been here for so long? What is it about this place that draws us back night after night; month after month; year after year? For me; it's the people. But what are your thoughts, mighty denizens of the Bass Forum?

Here's to you, old friend of the low end!

"Maybe this world is another planet's hell?" - Aldous Huxley

Prosit! I'll raise a vodka gimlet to that.

I've been here a whole decade and this is my second go-round as a moderator. I came here new to bass and found a very, welcoming and helpful community (not like another bass forum I could mention, where I was verbally thrashed for a comment about Carol Kane), which is what brings me back to this place time after time, along with the people who haunt it, Besides where else could we discuss bass and booze and why Behringer should be shot for even selling bass equipment.

Seriously, I adore you all, the regulars and those who just stop by for a chat.

But we need more women in here. Damn I can only balance out the testosterone levels for so long!

Happy Holidays (which ever you decide to celebrate) and Happy New Year.