Desperately need this avantgarde black metal wonder tabbed but as im a beginner and as the quality is pretty bad (on purpose) it's hard to do. "Lo-fi black magick"
Bit old, but anyway

To my knowledge there are only two Urfaust tabs available on the Internet- Drudenfuss and Ragnarok Mystiker, both wrong.

Best thing to do is to try and figure it out yourself, that's how you learn stuff afterall.
There are lots of live UTDW videos on YT, showing the fretting hand. I also found Audacity frequency specrtum analsis useful, and ears of course.
Hint: I've never seen him picking single notes, he always seems to be strumming or trem picking multiple strings.

So far I believe I 've figured out Drudenfuss and Der Gottesverachter, for the most part. 
I keep Unter Tochtern der Wuste for later, as it might be yet too challenging for me to play, there seem to be some wild stretches.

Meanwhile here's my take on Drudenfuss main riff.
It's all steady downstrokes, all rhythmical variety comes from legato fills.


A|-0--0----------0--0----0--0 (+ 3x chug on low E on some live versions)

The trick is to briefly mute A string with the ring finger when doing legato on D, otherwise distorted open A will kill your hammerons (or maybe it' won't if you have better gear).
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Gottesverachter Thank you so much. Yeah tabs are pretty hard to find for this band and others like it tbh. I'm a beginner so I can't really tab out anything yet to save my life, especially lo-fi stuff like Urfaust. Thanks again!
here it is

Unter Tochtern der Wuste

(Among Daughters of the Desert)

Might be a bit rushed, but if I don't post now, I might never do.
The song varies slightly between versions, I chose either the version I liked the most, or the easiest to figure out.

Note about tone: It was difficult for me to make it work, it may be noise, but very deliberate. I think the trick is to use as little distotrion as possible (noisiness is the result of multiple strings ringing together rather than heavy distortion). The priority is higher strings must be heard clearly against lower strings.

Now onto the tab.
It's steady tremolo picking. The number below is the number of strokes (if <> 1).
At least two strings must be ringing at any given time.

1. Intro (I)
This part was cut from recorded version, it fades in around the beginning of the verse.

G|--2-----2--3--2--0--5--3--2--5--3--2--5--3--2-|      |
D|--0-----0--0--0--0--0--0--0--0--0--0--0--0--0-|  x2  | 
#      x  4  2  2  2                                   |
                                                       |  x2
D|--2-----2--3--2--0--5--3--2--5--3--2--5--3--2-|      |
A|--0-----0--0--0--0--0--0--0--0--0--0--0--0--0-|  x2  |
#      x  4  2  2  2

#      x  4  2  2  2                                      4   6   6   6     6   | 
                                                                                |  x2 
D|--14--15--14--17--15--14--12--14--15--14--12--14--14bh--14--12--11--12--11--  |
A|--0---0---0---0---0---0---0---0---0---0---0---0---0-----0---0---0---0---0---  |
#   2   2   2   2   2   2   2   2   2   2   2   2   4     2   2   2   2   6     |

2 Verse (V)

Simply two alternating powerchords.

#   24  24

But when he's not not singing, there are those pinky fills.


G|------17------16----------|  |------17------16----------|
D|--14--14--14--14--14--14--|  |--------------------------|
E|--------------------------|  |--13--13--13--13--13--13--|
#   8   5       5       4         8   5       5       4 

note: on record version he plays 4 pinkys rather than 5.


#   8   6   2   2   2   2   2      8   6   2   4   2   2

D|------------------------------------------| x2
#           5       5       5       2   2 

* Shown as the guy plays it, I can't reach it on 25.5 scale without my ring finger falling off the fret. 

3. And the last part, let's call it Chorus (C) for convenience.

#   24  24

Song structure (record version) is as follows:

V F2 V I F1 V F2 V F2 C V C I(just the beginning, messed up)

That's It, if anything sounds wrong let me know, I probaby made a typo.