I have been using the G5 for over 2 years and I have never been able to get the right tone that I have always wanted. I dont know if i am doing the setup right. Can someone please tell me how to start about making the right patches for metal tones. I play lots of BFMV, Trivium, Skillet, LP kinda songs so you get it right. I switched over to guitar rig off late but i want to put my zoom G5 to use. Please help me in making the right patches and getting the right tones for the corresponding bands. I know i am an utter noob but please help me out here.

Btw i own a jackson Js32t king V and a jackson Js22 dinky! both on stock pickups!

I also have another question-

Is it possible to connect a Boss Ds-1 or any kinda pedal to the zoom G5 via the control in port?

Thanks a million!
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Well the safe bet for those bands is to go for the whatever the Peavey 6505 model is called on the G5 and then work from there. You can also check out the web for some metal presets. That being said, the G5 is never really mentioned as a good modeler. I liked the effects i had on my G3 (esentially the same processor, but smaller case), but the amp sims were kinda dodgy.

As for the second question, what do you even want to do with the aditional pedal? The control in on the G5 is meant for just that, controller pedals, that you use for tap tempo and stuff like that. If you want to run the ds1 in front of the effects of the G5, you have to plug it into the input port, so that your chain goes like this: guitar->ds1->g5. That way you can have the distortion from the ds1 and the amp sims from the G5.
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gorkyporky Exactly... i want to utilize the Ds-1's distortion and other effects of the zoom g5. So you mean to say its possible. Cool. Thank you so much! And i doubt whether the zoom g5 has a Peavey amp model in it. And if you don't mind can you tell me a good setup using the external pedals to get a really metal core'ish sound. Like my friend gave me a boss DS-1 and a boss metal zone.. so like you stated before should i link up the guitar->Metal zone->G5 to get some good tones?

Thank you!
Well first take the metalzone, and set all the knobs at 12'oclock. Then take it ouf your chain, take out the battery, and throw it in the trash.

Now that you dealt with that, start exploring the models of the G5. The manual (https://www.zoom-na.com/sites/default/files/products/downloads/pdfs/G5_operationManual_english.pdf) lists all the effects and amp models that are in the pedal. I would start with either the BG Drive (mesa dual rec model), DZ Drive (a Diezel model) or Alien (an ENGL Invader model). Then dial in the tone from there. Maybe put a T-scream in front of the amp model and an EQ after it. Thats pretty much what you can do. Then you just have to tweak the knobs to make it sound decent. But as i said, the G5 really isnt a top end modeler, so you wont get amazing results from it. And for what you want, i wouldnt use other pedals in front of it.
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gorkyporkyDoes the stock pickups make a difference too? Cos i somehow made some decent sounding patches but i can see the difference on both my guitars.. one is sounding a little tighter and the other absolutely muddy. My jackson js32t king V is over 4 years old and the other one is about 10 months old. Should i change the pickups and move on to emg 81/85 or seymour blackouts on both?
The pickups are the last thing you should change. If you want a good sound, you need a good amp, its as simple as that. Not to mention that a pickup change will cost more than those guitars cost new. SO its kinda pointless.
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gorkyporky And what do you think about the BOSS GT-1 amp simulator? should i sell my G5 and go for that? I cant actually spend much on a higher simulator like the Boss gt-100 or any line 6 products. Or should i stick on with the G5?
gorkyporkyUnderstood. Pickup change is a no go. Like you said ill try searching for pre made patches online and save up some money for a good amp. I basically record at home and my neighbours are very picky.. so i need something which i can record straight into my DAW. So as of now guitar rig 5 is my last resort i guess.
I dunno, neither boss or zoom are really the top of modeling game, as far as im aware. You can get a line6 pod hd500 for decent money, and people seem to like that. Or you can get an audio interface for your computer and get BIAS or similar software. You can even get a bunch of free amp sims for your computer, that sound good if you tweak them enough. Thats what i would do anyway, because you will be able to use the audio interface for a long time, but if you get some random modeler like the boss gt1 or something, you may outgrow it soon. But if you decide to get a hardware sim like the boss gt100 or the line6 hd500, then you better spend as much money as you can afford. Modelers are pretty good nowdays, but you gotta pay quite a bit for decent quality. I really doubt a gt1 would be much better than the zoom you have.
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gorkyporkyI have a scarlett solo audio interface and guitar rig 5 pro bundled with loads of patches... like you said ill save up some money and go for line 6 pod hd 500X. Thanks a ton anyway!
dude, a guitar rig5 will work just fine. Dont go spending money on gear you dont need, just because you dont know how to use the one you have.
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