Greetings fellow musicians! I own a TC Hall of Fame Reverb and I have downloaded this certain TonePrint that gets me real close to a shimmer. Real close, but not the real thing. I really like the sound of the shimmer; it adds that certain sweet flavour to my already tasty tone. I wonder if there is an affordable reverb out there that can do shimmer really well. I know the BlueSky does it, but I'm not ready to pay that much as of now. Also to mention, I'm looking to get one that is standard-sized (I am a little OCD to pedal sizes). What do you think is the best affordable shimmer reverb?
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I think affordability is the real problem here. The cheaper pedals; heck even the midrange pedals that do the shimmer effect sound pretty cheesy to me. Supposedly the newer Boss RV-6 does a pretty good job, but I haven't tried one in person. I think that it's an effect that has a big potential to be overdone, and then it starts to sound cheesy. The Blue Sky and Eventide Space obviously don't sound this way, but damn they're expensive. I tried a Mooer Shimverb once and it sounded terrible to me.

Anyway, what toneprint are you using on your HOF that gets close to that sound? I haven't checked their website in a while and have never gotten close to that sound with my HOF.