Oh boy. Okay everyone get ready for some bad sounds.

So I've been making one man band music for a few months now, I've never played with other people so I'm just dealing with what I can do. I record with a Rockband mic because it's all I have and I try to edit with Reaper but...let me tell ya folks recording drums with a mic intended for a video game is not good. No no no no. Don't think of these like real real songs, I'm just having fun and figuring things out. I'm ALL About quantity over quality, I want to make a ton of songs. I don't mess around with things too much and record as soon as I have some kind of idea.

Also I am a goof on vocals, just having fun. I'll post a few tracks of different moods here for different interests and I will absolutely critique back if you want. After all I called my second album...Always a Critic.

I'd like to know thoughts for any of these songs, again please note my lack of recording experience & recording gear and of course...my vocals.

I most recommend listening to this one, it's more recent

My best song (Horrific sound aside)

Slamming it out (With slightly better sound)

12-String Fun Times

Improv instrumental with bad sound but no vocals so that's a relief
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Thanks for checking out my stuff. I listened to your first link/track. It starts off like some kind of avant garde kind of annoying in the beginning lol. I actually like your vocal style it sounds good and is playful. There is some clipping issues, watch for those red bars when playing back the track. The riff starting at 1:50 and ending at 2 something is pretty awesome and pretty creative of you, nice outro too. Overall I enjoyed it for what it is, it sounds good and it sounds like you're having fun keep rocking.
Ya I put the noise there to be instantly off putting. I personally love that stuff but it's not for everyone! Ha ha, I'm glad you could deal with my vocals, I do like singing that way. Thank you for listening!
Thank you for the review! Now your "After School" tune: noisy intro (I would lower the volume on that). Timing is fairly sloppy, but it kind of works for the song: kind of punk-ish. The vocals work well for the song. Guitar riffs & tone are good. I would turn up the electric bass a bit, the mix lacks lower end; there is plenty of treble. I like the outro. Keep at it!!
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Ha ha, ya maybe it was a bit too loud, it drowned out my bass intro. I haven't been able to get a good bass tone. Being that I'm using such a terrible mic it doesn't pick up bass very well and distorts to all hell when it's too loud. I have to figure out how to EQ things better in the mix. But ya thanks a lot for listening!
Thanks for looking at my song man, I'm not sure if wish the quality was better overall I think it could be a cool song not sure what you use for recording etc. But I like what you said about having fun cause that's fuckin music do what you want and have fun with it. I could see where you wanted to go as far as that noisy intro but you failed haha just saying cool song you have some unique ideas keep it goin
Hello !! Thank you for your critique on my music, and sorry for the delay as I don't go on the forums that often these days !

I'm really familiar with the term lo-fi, even though I listen to bands that produce similar sounds as the ones I hear on your soundcloud. For example old recordings of Electric Six (songs: Karate or Tiny Little Man) and of course Captain Beefheart.

I like the happy feeling of the songs, major chords and arpegios and the nice chorus effects. You recorded your material in a very organic way, and like that. The drums especially, although they're not mixed upfront, they bring good dynamics, and it's key in this type of songs.

My favorite track is After School Me time so far. The fact you're aiming at quantity over quality is good for me, give you a way to express yourself quickly and also makes your music very "free" and spontaneous! The artworks are cool also.

No problem! Thank you a lot for listening to these tunes!

By lo-fi I meant the quality is not great, I wanted to make everyone's expectations rock bottom before listening! Thanks for the comment!