Relatively new to guitars, and am primarily playing acoustic but wanted to get an inexpensive Strat so I can channel my inner Nile Rodgers.

I tried a Fender American Standard a few times and liked the sounds, and am amazed at how heavy an electric is compared to an acoustic, even one with electronics in it. The sounds you can get out of an electric are just amazing, what a cool guitar for sure.

Anyway, I'm considering this one:


And would get a better one if I stick with it in a few years. Any opinions on the Squier series of Fender strats? And what would be the difference between a $1,099 American Standard and the $199 Squier?

Squiers are great for beginners and some of their top models (Classic Vibes) are just great in general. You shouldn't be disappointed with one as a first "starter" guitar. However, the difference between a $199 Squier and a $1,099 Fender American is pretty big. Quality of the wood, hardware, electronics, fit and finish, and fret/neck dressing will all be better on the American obviously, but the Squier is perfectly fine to learn on.
i would avoid the affinity series TBH.

i would try really hard to get a classic vibe from the squier family.

if you look you can easily find a Fender Mexican Strat (known as MIM) for <$300 used. i have gotten a few through time for $180-$200.

but to answer your question, it would suffice as a starter guitar.
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