Okay so I'm looking for the perfect pick, I know there's actually no PERFECT pick, but one that you use for everything or multiples you use. Right now I use the JP Jazz III (original black ones), Ultex standard 1.0, Tortex .88 (greens) for electric, and Nylon .88s (lightish grays) for acoustic. I have tried TONS of picks and that's what I've narrowed down too, although I go between liking different ones. So what's your pick and also what brand and gauge of string do you use with your perfect pick(s)?
nickel wound and tortoise.
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Have gone through dozens of different picks over the years and none of them have left me entirely satisfied. Currently using 1.5mm Gravity Strikers and they suit me pretty well for electric so far, not so much for acoustic.

On electric I use D'Addario 11-49. I wouldn't say they're my favourite as such, but Ernie Ball doesn't work for me - they die on me very quickly - and I don't get the extra money's worth out of Elixir. When I use up my remaining sets of D'Addario standard, I might go back to NYXL which I was on for a while before I briefly dabbled in gauges they didn't produce. Acoustic I've only had an acoustic again after about one and a half years for the last 30 hours or so, so we'll see how that develops.
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I use Jazz III XLs and elixir nanowebs in various gauges for electric guitar, Dunlop big stubby 3mm and Optima chrome 45-100 flatwounds for bass, Tortex .60 and elixir polyweb 12-53 for acoustic guitar, dunlop USA nylon .60 for mandolin but haven't really settled on a particular brand/set of strings for mandolin. Don't change the strings on it often enough to remember what they are either lol.
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