Hi all!
I have a question,
first, im planning on buying a Fender MIM strat and probably the Mustang III and I really like the Fender Floor...
The question is, wood the fender Floor work as a Mustang III on any other amplifier?
For instance, I was also planning on buying a Marshall MG100 HCFX or something similar (Valvestate8000...) instead of the Mustang III.
So, would a Fender Floor into a Marshall sound the same as a Mustang III on its own (or fender floor into a mustang iii)?

I hope i explained my question! :?

Thanks in advance!
The Mustang Floor is a multi-effects unit. It is not made to specifically go with the Mustang line of amps, but rather it is its own thing. From what I understand, the Mustang Floor is essentially the Mustang Modeling software in a single floor-board unit, minus the loud amplification qualities of the actual Mustang Amps.

The Mustang Floor is intended to be used really by itself from what I see, with no other guitar processing involved. Guitar > Floor > Powered Speaker/PA. Running it into a guitar amp, you will be running the heavily characterized sound of the Mustang floor into another amp with a lot of character itself. Typically, that is not good to do if you want a professional sound quality.

I would suggest to ditch all 3 items (The Mustang amps are just okay past bedroom beginner practicing, the Mustang Floor is not worth it IMO, and the Marshall MG series are regarded as one of the worst amp lines in history), and look for a USED POD HD500. It should be well within your budget. You can use the POD with headphones for silent practice, and you can probably find a powered wedge (flat response, full range) to have volume from your setup.
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Quote by angelovalex95
What about playing the Floor/POD thorough the cabinet of a stacked amp ? Would that sound right?
By "through the cabinet" do you mean just direct with the Floor/POD into the cabinet? If so, that will not work. You need a powered signal to elevate the level of the Floor/POD unit to drive the loudspeakers in the cabinet.

If you meant "through the power amp of an amp attached to a cabinet", yes it would "work". Your amp has to have an effects loop, so that you can plug the Floor/POD into the effects return of the amp (bypassing the preamp of the physical amp) and just use the power amp section of the physical amp, which will drive the loudspeakers. You would also need to turn OFF the speaker cabinet simulation of the Floor/POD as you have the guitar loudspeakers. Guitar speakers do a lot for the sound and using any sort of guitar sound needs to have either real guitar speakers or speaker simulation.
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