I just got a Fender Jaguar Blacktop. When I run it through my Blackstar HT Club 40, it sounds a little distorted on the clean channel, like there's some overdrive going on somewhere. (There's no gain control on that channel, just volume and tone.) I happens when I have my pedalboard plugged into the pedal loop and when the guitar is plugged straight into the amp.

This doesn't happen with my Strat, so I don't think it's the amp. Could it be the cables?

The Jaguar is my first humbucker guitar - is this something that humbuckers just do? It sounds great distorted, but I can't seem to get it totally clean.
It's hard to say without an audio example, but yes humbuckers, especially at the bridge position, have a bit of bite on clean setting. Which is why most humbucker players switch to the neck pickup for clean cuz it's warmer and not as punchy. But yeah, you're not going to get that jangly clean of a single-coil, unless there's a switch to split the humbucker coils.

edit: Oh ok I also noticed that you have a Fender Jaguar, which usually has a whole host of switches for tone settings. I'm not familiar with those switches, but humbuckers in general can be very versatile if you play around with the tone switch/nobs as Joe Bonamassa demonstrates here:

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yeah if there's no way to control the gain on the clean channel it's entirely possible that the hotter humbuckers are driving it too much and giving you a lightly overdriven tone rather than a clean tone.

roll down your guitar's volume a bit, that should clean it up. also pick more lightly.

if things get too dark you could consider fitting a treble bleed to your guitar's volume control.
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