Hi one and all,

I am after a little help to get me set up for jam sessions with the missus! I have played guitar on and off over the years and whilst I am out of the UK picked up a cheap electro acoustic to keep me going without my PRS.

My wife needed a new hobby, I have plenty to keep me going but it is rare she will do a lot, so for Christmas I have picked her up a Behringer XD8USB so she can practice some drumming again - she used to do a bit in high school. Plus we already bought our 1 1/2 year old daughter a mini drum kit a month or two ago and she loves to rock out too

Because I would like us to be able to jam together, and besides instruction, I think it is great to be able to hear yourself play so I have set up some recording bits. It's already been an expensive enough Christmas with the kit so for the time being I would like to work with what I have.

My main issue at the moment is I am trying to give her some of my reasonably generic rhythm sections to practice over, but I am getting quite a bit of clipping when recording the guitar and I am now scratching my head trying to fix it.

This is how I am currently recording (I hope my workflow makes sense).

1. Electro Acoustic - Volume - Minimum
Bass - 1/4 on guitar EQ
Mids - 1/4 on guitar EQ
Treble - 1/4 on guitar EQ

Basically - quite flat

2. Electro Acoustic plugged into Zoom G2.1u

I am using the Zoom G as an interface so I can connect the USB to the PC.

Currently set with low gain, mids EQ and low volume.

2a. Zoom G2 Out to Amp (only turn the amp on for live jamming or tuning etc, generally off whilst recording on PC)

3. Zoom G2 USB out to PC - Adobe Audition

Using Adobe Audition CC to record as I already had the CC suite

4. Gain levels in Audition all set to -0dB

5. Guitar Rig 5 set up to match my amp sound as close as possible.

Also use guitar rig if I want to change a section for overdrive, wah, solo etc. Essentially performing the job the G2 would otherwise do live.

Output clipping during playback or live recording - and I don't know how to fix it. I assume I need to turn down the gain somewhere in Audition? Not sure where and the playing around I did with input and output gains didn't get rid of the clipping (post recording) or it made things all go wrong if I did a new recording.

So - what do I need to change. Guitar won't go any lower - set the Zoom to lower volume settings and it made no difference. Any advice on setup changes are appreciated - again, bearing in mind I am not too keen to go out purchase a mic for the amp etc etc. I'm prefer to work with the tools at my disposal for now - I think they just need optimizing

Wife is currently away so trying to get this done to keep it as a surprise for Christmas day so she can jam whilst I watch kids movies with our daughter all day

Thanks for any help/advice/input/suggestions/feedback!

Booyah! Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!
That zoom pedal only outputs the max volume from what I remember.figure out how to lower the volume on whatever its plugged into or within the zoom pedal itself
Thanks for the quick reply. I have indeed turned down the volume on the G2 and flipped the switch so the pedal is not controlling the volume - maybe I should try having the pedal control it?!

Not sure - playing with the volume on the Zoom is certainly affecting the recording though. I have tried turning it up and the output graph for gain dB is through the roof - turn the volume completely off and the bar drops down to around 30% - I assume just the signal it is taking from the electro acou pick up.

Can't turn the volume down on the guitar any further....the next step is off xD

Thanks again for the feedback Given me one thing to consider - pedal volume relationship
Can't seem to EDIT but before too long I better add I am using the latest Zoom ASIO drivers for the input