Poll: What Is The Best Slayer Album?
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Show No Mercy
5 31%
Hell Awaits
4 25%
Reign In Blood
2 13%
South Of Heaven
0 0%
Seasons In The Abyss
2 13%
Divine Intervention
1 6%
Undisputed Attitude
0 0%
Diabolus In Musica
1 6%
God Hates Us All
0 0%
Christ Illusion
0 0%
World Painted Blood
1 6%
0 0%
Voters: 16.
Let's see what everyone's favorite Slayer record is.

I would have to go with Seasons In The Abyss, but South Of Heaven comes in at a close second.
Hell Awaits.

Show No Mercy an extremely close second.

I feel the need to remind everyone that Hell Awaits is a flawless masterpiece.
No contest. Hell Awaits is the best Slayer album.

Personal favorite is South of Heaven.
Show No Mercy

Dumb thread. Paralys it.

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I didn't even know they made music after Hell Awaits.
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Quote by theogonia777
I didn't even know they made music after Hell Awaits.
Ayo fuck you, South of Heaven's a cool album.
Hard to pick a definitive favorite but the most listened in recent years are WPB and SNM. Out of them I would have to pick WPB because nostalgia is shit.
Hell Awaits, though I haven't checked out Show No Mercy or Haunting The Chapel yet. I find Reign In Blood really underwhelming; songs finish abruptly before they have the opportunity to develop properly. A shame, because the songwriting and riffwork on Hell Awaits is top notch
South of Heaven
I'll tell you I'm really liking Repentless I've been listening to that album over and over again!
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These days I can't even say that Slayer has a "best album." Every one of their records has 2-3 really standout tracks, 2-3 decent tracks & a bunch of filler. For me, Slayer hasn't been one of those bands where you hear things you'd never heard before when you go back & listen after spending time away from them. You could make a pretty awesome 3 disc set of all their most badass tunes from their whole career.
I^ I agree that picking one is difficult as they are a bit inconsistent - some truly great tracks and some dull ones side by side.
Still I'd pick Hell Awaits but South of Heaven & Seasons are both close....
last time I saw them they played all of Reign In Blood in order

which was handy as you knew when to go for a cigarette

that time was after the supports until the taxi arrived