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Here's my question:

What gear should I get that could get me Matt's guitar tone in these videos? I don't really have a budget, as this thread is for a future investment. As long as it's not crazy expensive then I'm down to save up for it. You can hear it well at two minutes and six seconds in this video:

While the guitar tone in the "Agitated" video is one that I'm after, the main guitar tone I'm looking for is the one at one minute and thirty-three seconds in this video:

His main guitars in 1999 were a Yamaha Pacifica and a Peavey Wolfgang. He used a Matchless DC30 for cleans, and a Soldano Decatone for his main crunch clean tone (he also used an Emex Londaxe guitar a bit, as you can see in the "Agitated" live video that I linked). In 2000, his main guitars were a Les Paul DC Lite, a 60s SG, and his only amp was the Marshall JCM 2000 (he also did use a Parker Fly guitar a bit). But, in the Astoria 2000 video, he hadn't switched to that gear yet, but he did add the Marshall JCM 2000 to his 1999 rig, so in that video, the tone that you hear at 1:33 (the main one I'm trying to simulate) is his JCM 2000.

So, with that information, have you got any suggestions? I've got a Fender USA Pro Tele that I'm going to mod with an "EVH Wolfgang Bridge Humbucker," and I've got a really cheap Les Paul knockoff that I'm going to mod with Gibson 57 pickups (which are similar to the ones he had in his Les Paul). I'm using a Pro Co Rat to simulate his Decatone (which nails the sound of that amp) and I've got an AC30 which is really similar to his Matchless. I believe that the tone in the 1999 Agitated video is just a single coil (or humbucker, I can't really tell) into a crunch setting on the Soldano Decatone with lots of mids. So for that, I could coil split my Tele humbucker (or not if he's actually using a humbucker), use a Pro Co Rat, and also use an EQ pedal to boost the mids. But, the tone in the "Muscle Museum" video (which is the main tone that I want to achieve) is just his Marshall JCM 2000 DSL 100, so I can't get that tone as I don't have an amp similar to that, or a pedal similar to that. So, are there any good amps that are similar to the JCM 2000 DSL 100, or should I just get one? Or, is there a pedal that has the same sound as the JCM 2000 DSL 100?

And lastly, do you have any guitar recommendations for this? Because a new guitar might be nice, :P

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His tone base tone (without any fuzzes/distortion) on both of those videos is very achievable on an AC30, but with some kind of boost or drive. Maybe check out something along the lines of a LovePedal Purple Plexi, or something similar.
It essentially emulates a marshall preamp and goes somewhere between a Plexi (hence the name) and a JCM800. If you ran that into the front of the AC30 with a tubescreamer and some fuzz, you'd have the basis of pretty much any muse tone (apart from all the modulation/delay)

In terms of guitars, if you want to stick with a Matt Bellamy theme, you could just get a Cort mattocaster!

Thanks for the reply! I'll check out that pedal.

A few things though: In the Showbiz era, Matt Bellamy didn't have a base tone, because he had no drive pedals. He would get different tones by switching between different amps. And Matt didn't really use fuzz until Origin of Symmetry, but I do have a fuzz pedal which I use a lot

While the Cort cuitar is a great idea because it's basically a guitar made for Muse fans, I don't really wanna copy Matt too much, lol. I was thinking of maybe getting one of those Ibanez guitars that have a Koass Pad built in, and upgrade the pickup. What do you think about that?

And last thing, what do you think about the BYOC Shredder? It's a pedal that simulates the Marshall Shredmaster, which simulates a Marshall JCM.

Thanks for your input!
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