Dear all,
I have a very specific request. As I am not a guitar player and I can't read sheets or anything related to playing music as such I hope you can help me. I am looking for the above mentioned song's guitar sheet. I would like to make a tattoo with this particular song, as a tribute to my dad, who is indeed a working class (hero), a plumber and he was the one who taught me all about music and the one who also taught me certain values in life. So ... knowing he likes this song and at the same time the song has strong meaning to both of us, I wanted to use this song as the inspiration for a tattoo. As I couldn't find a better inspiration (I was looking for a part of the music video or sequence from the lyrics) that would serve as the image for the tattoo, I got the idea of using the notes, combining the song, the music in general and having it as something less obvious and leaving it to people to interpret the tattoo.

Anyway, long story short - could you please help me finding a proper and appropriate sheet for this little project of mine? I am looking for the intro of course.

Thank you!

go on google type in John Lennon - Working Class Hero Sheet music, and then click on images, and there is a load there