I've just acquired a Charvel CX-692 Japan Import. From all the information I gathered online I understand that these guitars were built in Japan, by the Japanese company that owned Charvel/Jackson at the time, in 1992 they came with the fender strat styled neck with the toothpaste Charvel logo and they had to stop doing that due to legal reasons (Fender being a bitch) until fender bought Charvel/Jackson in 2002 bringing back the current Charvel neck.

I've only seen 2 other CX692 online for sale and a few guys playing the guitar on Youtube who are either to lazy to respond haha or have died....

My question is.... Does anyone have any other information on this guitar or has anyone had any experience with it.

Thanks in advance
what are you trying to find out exactly? Charvel was owned by Jackson guitars not a Japanese company which in turn was bought by Fender. as for the headstock shap ine late 70s-early 80s when the company was owned by Wayne Charvel he used the Fender headstock shape which violated trade patents.

as for your guitar it was made in the early 90s and was the top of the CX series. made in Japan