I was analyzing this song because some crazy dude said it was using harmonic minor and realized I couldn't find a scale for the song. I don't really like the scales oriented thinking and for me it's just a minor tune with an augmented 4th, but I got curious if there's a scale for the notes:

F - Ab - B - C - Db - Eb, so:
1st - minor 3rd - augmented 4th - 5th - minor 6th - minor 7th

Although the 2nd degree doesn't appear I'm ok if you know the name of a scale that's exactly the same but including the 2nd degree.

I've already looked it online on a scale finder and not a single scale on the key of Fm came up. Scales which had all the notes were:
-C neopolitan
-G eight tone spanish
-F#/Gb ichikosucho

I'm 99.999...% the song is in the key of Fm, but if you have your doubts it's the intro of this song:
It's just a non-chord tone. The chords are plain old i VI V7. Scale/mode conformity is completely unnecessary and often counterproductive.

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The more important question is what's with those creepy ass guys

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The "augmented 4th" is just a chromatic lower neighbor/trill. It doesn't really belong to any scale. And yes, the song is in Fm.

This is a good example of chromatic lower neighbors. The melody is basically just tonic arpeggio - ascending scale - dominant arpeggio - descending scale, colored with chromatic lower neighbors.

The melody goes like G F# G E D# E C B C G, E F G A B C D E F D, F E F D C# D B A# B G, G G G A G F E D C. (Bold = chord tones)

In this example the F#, D#, C# and A# don't belong to any scale. As I said, they are just chromatic neighbors for the chord tones.

Yeah, scales don't really mean anything out of context. Instead of building a scale out of all of the notes that are used in a song, look at the chords and the function of the notes. Some notes are just passing tones, some are just chromatic neighbors. How do you know what the function of a note is? Analyze the chords. See if it's a chord tone. If it's not a chord tone, see if it's followed by a chord tone (if we are talking about chromatic notes, they are most of the time a half step below or above a chord tone). If it's none of the above, then we might be talking about some kind of an "exotic scale".

Scales just aren't an accurate way of understanding music (I mean, if that's the only thing that you look at). To properly understand the note choice, you should always take harmony into account.
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