I used to have the Stereo before it was stolen and i forget exactly how it works. I found a really good deal on an RC30 and it seems like a no brainer with the 2 tracks, but i have some questions.

Regarding.Jamman Stereo:
There's the loop up and down buttons. While not playing anything it cycles through. standard. Say you're playing back a loop and THEN you press loop up to bank2. Bank 2 will start playing as soon as bank 1 cycles through? What if there is nothing on Bank 2? Will it switch, nothing will be playing back, and then you have to hit record to start recording? Are those scenarios correct and are those the only ways to use the loop up/down switches?

Regarding RC-30.

From what i understand, you long press a pedal to switch tracks? I've seen people complaining about this. Switching tracks doesn't pause your current track 1 loop , right? Can you stop individual tracks? I'm trying to udnerstand the benefit as it seems you can't create a separate verse and chorus really. This is how i see it through this hypothetical:

You have 3 layers of loops. With a 1 track pedal, you can undo the last loop so you have first 2 layers. With the RC30, you can make 2 loops on track 1, then switch to track 2 and add a layer. So that means you can stop layer 3, or you can undo layer 2 and have 1 and 3 going, Can you stop individual tracks or only both together? Can i have only track 2 going?

That was hopefully understandable. I've read through the manuals and am trying to understand the intricacies. I'd just like some input, opinions, etc.

There's also the Jamman Looper and Boss 20xl. It seems like the RC 30 and Stereo can do everything those can and more? Or is there something the lower end ones can do that the higher ends can'.t?

Lastly i can get the RC30 for $180 bucks and i feel that i could resell that higher even if i don't like it.
I don't know anything about the jam man, but I've had the rc30 for a couple of years now and it works just like you say. And yes, you can stop individual tracks separately as well as together.

I also have an fs6 foot switch which allows instant changing between the tracks rather than having to hold the right pedal down for two seconds like you have to do without the foot switch, which can be a pain if your doing it while playing.