So I just ordered a Les Paul Standard Copy from Rondo Music. It appears to have all the hardware comparable to Les Pauls, it looks like it anyway but you just never know....this is the hard part i hate to mention...it was on sale for $100 but I'm told guitars from Rondo Music are worth so much more....did I just waste my money or did I get a good guitar.....the only possible down side that I could see was that it is made out of basswood. I do not know anything about basswood I saw on google some people say it sounds good and that fenders are made out of basswood.....so tell me did i buy a good guitar or did i buy junk? is it a good guitar or should i send it back? what do you guys think?
rondo makes decent guitars but for $100 I wouldn't expect to much. basswood is fine for some guitars but a les paul is made of mahogany often with a maple top which is a far cry from basswood. fender uses alder and ash for the most part. (fender japan did make some models from basswood). a link to the specific guitar might be helpful.

Wood hardly matters. Maybe on an acoustic, but damn I just cannot sound a difference between wood.
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You shouldn't expect a "good guitar" for $100 from anyone, including Rondo.

If you're talking about the Hadean EG-530 Wine Red ( http://www.rondomusic.com/eg530wrf1.html ), it's likely that it will be a lot better than the cheapass Epiphone Special that they offer for $80 or so every year at Guitar Denter. The basswood body is neither here nor there when it comes to quality. The top on the guitar is a photo top (expected), but other than that, it will be a pretty honest guitar. It's a bit amazing that you're getting a glued-neck guitar for that price, and I haven't actually seen one, so I can't comment.

In short, if you get a solid, playable guitar with decent sounding pickups for that price, you're WAY ahead of the game and it was a great deal. Good luck! Let us know how it works out!

*side note*: Don't go making plans for extravagant mods and add-ons on this guitar. Play it like you stole it until you can afford something better and then sell it on. You'll probably get about what you put into it if you take care of it.
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I highly doubt a $100 guitar has "hardware comparable to Les Pauls".

Surprisingly enough (and given the wide latitude of the word "comparable"), Gibson Les Pauls right up to the $6000 level actually use pretty crappy (read: cheap) hardware. There are $300 LP-alikes that actually use hardware that represents a significant upgrade from standard (traditional?) LP bits.