I am looking at getting a basic multi- effect unit that I can play around / experiment with different sounds. I do not need anything professional, just something that is simple and fun to play around with a variety of sounds.
I would like to keep it under 100 USD.

The ones that I have seen that I like for their price and simplicity are the Zoom g1xon vs. g1on vs. MS‑50G.

My questions are:
1. What is the difference between the Zoom g1xon vs. g1on


2. The Zoom MS-50G is about double the price of the g1on, what makes it worth that price difference if at all?

Thanks a lot!
The G1xon has an expression pedal, the G1on doesn't.

I'd definitely recommend Zoom as an effects unit, I have the G3 on my pedal board and the G1on for headphone practice. If you can stretch to the G3, it will be a better investment as it's more suited for use with an amp once your playing evolves and adds an extra level of flexibility when you have your patches set up, each individual effect can be switched on & off whereas with the G1 range you can only swap between patches.

The MS-50G is a more aimed at being a utility pedal on a pedalboard than the G1/G3 units, but it's still good & uses the same internal effects etc.

I'd recommend the G3 first, check your local used market & you should find one within budget, then the G1on would be my next favourite option. It's worth noting though that only the G1 range has an aux input that allows you to plug in an MP3 player to play along to.
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