Just got myself a custom 2-string bass guitar.

It doesn't have a truss rod, but the neck is pretty darn thick!

I'd like to set it up in Drop A tuning (Low A; Standard E). I will very likely be putting a 0.135 for the low A string.

Would the lack of a truss rod be a problem for this? Thanks in advance!
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It probably won't be a problem with just two strings and that tree trunk of a neck, but only time will tell.
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Having seen a few thick necked Wish basses without truss rods, I don't think this is going to end well..
Maybe I'm an asshole for asking this, but what is the actual point of this instrument?
Dare I ask why you commissioned a bass guitar that doesn't have a truss rod, 2 strings and seems to be put together by someone who had very little idea what they were doing?
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Is it a one piece neck? Thru body? What scale? With 2 strings tuned low you might be okay... With that body style and meaty neck it must dive like mad.