Does anyone own a pro series neck through Jackson from 2015/16 and can confirm what it's like in terms of quality?

Are they still made in Indonesia?

I'm not one to get hung up on country of manufacture so am more interested in the first question than the second.

My mij dinky, mim so cal and PRS SE are all very good quality for the price. I'm thinking of picking up a pro series soloist so want to know how they compare.

Played a NOS quicksilver one a few months ago. I liked it a lot. Seemed on par with with my MIM DK2 in quality and feel. Def has that new Jackson feel to it.
I just got a Soloist a couple of months ago, and the quality is fantastic on it. Came setup almost perfectly right from the factory, plays fantastic, and the quilt top is gorgeous! Although I did get an X series as I wanted actives in it and I liked the finish on it better than any of the pro series offerings, I do have a Pro Monark that was built in the same factory and it was just about perfect as well. From what I've read, all Jackson neck-thru guitars are made in the same Indonesian factory these days, and all of their bolt-on models are made in the Fender Mexican factory.
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I've played one of the newer indo made Jackson pros (KVMG) and they are indeed nice guitars and I couldn't find anything obviously wrong with them. I don't think you've got much to worry about.

I'd chalk it up to being very comparable to other guitars in its price range in terms of quality. High-end PRS SE, 1000 series LTD's etc.
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Awesome - thanks chaps. If it's comparable to the 1000 series and custom SE's I'll be chuffed. I've either been very lucky or both that I've had have been great.
It's arrived and the quality is spot on. Everything as it should be
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From what I've read, all Jackson neck-thru guitars are made in the same Indonesian factory these days, and all of their bolt-on models are made in the Fender Mexican factory.

Jackson uses two companies for their Indonesian neck-throughs. The X-Series are all currently made by Cort. All Pro-Series are made by Samick, with the exception of the Pro Monarkh which is also made by Cort.
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It's arrived and the quality is spot on. Everything as it should be

Congrats. Which one did you get? Pics or it didn't happen
Just a red SL2 Pro. Haven't taken any pics yet. It's been very hard to put down
My cousin has an SL2 Pro it is damn nice on par with my Chushin Gakki collection.
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I bought an sl2 pro and it's a piece of rubbish. Action won't go very low and whammy bar frets out at slightest touch. Spent best part of a year trying to set the neck straight, took it to a professional at pmt, still struggling with it.  One minute it's fine, week later it's gone out again, most unstable neck I've ever known. Slightest change in temperature /air pressure, and it goes out. Says in their blurb that this thing can be transported across continents and the neck will stay perfect, but if I take it from one room to another it goes out! Nice apart from that tho :-D. Read nothing but rave reviews before i bought it, perhaps some people don't notice these things.
^ I guess you could've got a bad one, but even still that's pretty awful even if it's a lemon.
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