I am guitarist with 2 years of experience. I have fair amount of knowledge about basics of music theory (the scales, and their chords) and can play the instrument. But I don't know how to proceed.
All this while I was under the guidance of different teachers, but under my current circumstances, I am having to learn it myself.

What do I do? I have a great amount of interest in becoming (not just a guitarist but) a musician. I really don't what to do.
Do I look online for music theory? Or should I use Youtube to learn how to play songs (which I don't think is helping me)? Or I should I learn all the scales, their modes and chords? Should I figure how different songs are being composed?

Please just tell me what to do... I can help myself after that.

Thanks a lot in advance.
Learn songs. And learn them any way you can: youtube lessons (as many good ones as you can find); online tab and chord sites (ditto); published songbooks (better, usually); Riffstation (fun but limited); etc etc.
Above all, get yourself a slowdowner and try doing it yourself by ear. I recommend Transcribe https://www.seventhstring.com/ - but others will recommend ASD, which is OK.

What you say you know already should be enough grounding in technique and theory to get you started.

Obviously pick songs you like, and that sound like they ought to work well enough on one guitar. If doing it all by yourself (can't find satisfactory info online), pick simple tunes, naturally. The more you transcribe, trying to play along, the better your ear gets. (Yes, it's tough at first - but slowdowners really help.)

As well as getting you playing music (rather than exercises), this is all the training you need, both in technique and listening - even in theory, because songs represent theory in action. All round musicianship! And transcribing for yourself gives you a real sense of pride and ownership, never having to rely on internet tab ever again.
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The answer has to depend a bit on what you eventually want to play. If it's folky songs you could go all your life without needing a scale. If you're after more technical lead stuff then scales are a lot more relevant. Perhaps first answer the question of what you're trying to play then find the best route to play it.
I've got more "learn to play" DVDs then most public libraries. Like others have said,find what you want to play and check a few out. YouTube is also your friend.
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