Hey. I have recently bought my first bass (a Warwick RockBass Streamer LX 5) so I wanted to demo it in a recording. This is half-improvised.

The electric guitar used is a Gibson Les Paul Studio, and everything was recorded dry into ReValver 4 using an RME BabyFace Pro interface.

Thanks in advance.
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dabdabtheduck Thanks for the reply. It was made as a demo and I'm not too knowledgeable about mixing, so there are some rough edges. Regarding the guitar - these are played using a slide, so there are no divebombs.

I'll check yours out in a moment.

I agree with dabdabtheduck, but not too much, the gain probably needs to go down just a notch. Generally speaking, the gain on an amp shouldn't be much past halfway, if at all. That said, the composition is quite nice, the lead guitar is very tasteful especially around 0:35-0:41. Are you going to continue it? I could imagine this going into a big epic opening riff like in "A Trace of Blood" by Pain of Salvation (in particular with regards to the fast arpeggiated piano lines). The bass does sound alright but that could be improved a little in sound. I don't know exactly, it just sounds a bit dry. Perhaps try playing around with some of the settings, perhaps more percussive in playing style too.

Anyway, would appreciate if you could take a listen to what I've written, I think you will like it: