Hi Everyone!

Picked up a 2016 SE Custom 24 on sale (In Trampas Green) and I noticed the tuners slip a bit so Im looking to upgrade them. I was wondering if grover mini roto 205s would fit wihtout having to drill?

Ive read that the Grover 406's drop right in but I cant hunt any down in town, is the only difference between the 406 and the 205 the gear ratio?
It's very likely not the tuners that are slipping at all.

Have you restrung the guitar the proper fashion, ensured the nut slots are properly cut and the strings are fully stretched?

You also need to manage your expectations with the amount of tuning stability you'll get out of a guitar with a non-locking trem. Even if the nut is cut correctly, strung the guitar properly, fully stretched the strings and bought new tuners. You're not going to get Floyd levels of tuning stability.
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