I have only been playing guitar for a little while but I am in a band as a vocalist (we are all teenagers, not pro musicians, and there is also another guitarist). We played songs like "Don't Stop Believing" at performances, but quickly we've slowed it down to "Stairway to Heaven", "Hotel California" and even songs like "I'm Yours" that are made for acoustic. I own a Squier Affinity HSS Strat right now and I'm kind of on a budget, so a $299 dollar guitar (Fender CD 60CE) that can be plugged in to a mixer would be great. It also comes with a hard case. Is this the right choice? I


I was also wondering, since we primarily play electric guitar music, if I should save up even more for my next electric and instead buy the even cheaper Jameson or Jasmine guitars available.



All have great reviews.
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I wouldn't be willing to say yeah or nay on the Jameson. First, it's absolutely all laminate. Second, it's a thinline. Third it's cheap. When guitars get into that price range the quality control gets pretty iffy. You might get a good one, and the next one off the line is a dog. You could also get the, "next one off the line", as well as the other guy.. And then there's the "thinline" nonsense. Those guitars re good with an amp, but are kind of thin when played "unplugged".

Before we go further, you actually need about four different acoustic guitars to do "Stairway", (at least as its recorded), and absolutely an electric 12 string for "Hotel". Yeah I know, that's probably neither here nor there. (Mr. Page did use a double neck on stage for "Stairway").

In any case, Takamine's "Jasmine" series are far from their best effort as well.

I don't like your choice of Fender, it has a LAMINATED mahogany top. OK, mahogany has a different sound than the much more common spruce tops. I would really have to try one of those before I bought it.

At about the same price, Yamaha offers the FGX-800c, which is the more traditional spruce, and has a solid top. You could also check out Fender's other offerings at the same price point. I think you could get a full depth body with a solid spruce top.

Mahogany is "groovy" and all that, but it could turn out to be "an acquired taste", "the best you've ever heard", or simply "dreadful", a real toss up. Especially with that laminated top.

Here's a Fender with a solid mahogany top, it's $50.00 bucks more, but IMHO, would be a much better buy: http://www.musiciansfriend.com/guitars/fender-cd-140sce-all-mahogany-acoustic-electric-guitar (Assuming of course, you have your heart set on a mahogany top).

Here's the Fender CD-140ce: http://www.musiciansfriend.com/guitars/fender-cd140sce-acoustic-electric-guitar/h70147 It's the same price as the Fender you're looking at, but has a solid spruce top, and full depth body.

Here's Yamaha FGX-800 It's 300 bucks also. http://www.musiciansfriend.com/guitars/yamaha-fg-series-fgx800c-acoustic-electric-guitar The model this replaces, the FG-700, was most likely the single most popular acoustic of all time, at least in its price class. I don't have any feedback on the FG-800 series yet. But, Yamaha acoustics are very well thought of in general.
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Who says you have to buy something brand new ? Go to E-Bay or Guitar Center's website and check out their used gear section, where you could probably score a Fender DG-8S , which is a solid top, for probably under a hundred bucks. I recently got a 2003 , MIK Fender DD-22S on E-Bay for only 80 bucks and that, is a Spruce solid top , which also came with a HS case. It's not a Acoustic/ Electric but I solved that by buying a new Dean Markley Acoustic clip on pickup from Music 123, for only 30 bucks. Think before you spend. Stay away from jasmines , they're total crap.