Nice mix, and nice songwriting, everything sounds pretty good and powerful, so I have no complaints.

I do have to say that this would be cool as fuck if you made it into a full song with downtuned guitars, I'm thinking with a instrumental Jetpacks Was Yes from Periphery type of sound, using the MIDI stuff as an intro, replacing the orchestral drums with some huge e-drums, then having 0:54 kick in as a downtuned riff while having the choir vocal turnt into an ambient guitar.

But it sounds like good music as it is for a movie or a video game!

Good job!

If you want to C4C check out my track here:


Hey mate, this is a pretty good track, I've heard the synth and orchestra thing before and you did it quite tastefully. This reminds me a lot of the Deus Ex: Human Revolution soundtrack. I could definitely see this being used in a video game or Sci-Fi movie. Do you mind if I ask, what is the VST you use for the percussion when the buildup starts? It sounds very nice, it reminds me of some of the stuff Native Instruments offer. My only complaint about the piece is that the piece is probably a little too safe, tonally it doesn't diverge from the scale you're in, everything is diatonic. It would be nice to hear a little chromaticism or modulation here and there to spice things up. Looking forward to you getting back to your heavy stuff, I listened to Flight and enjoyed that much more (although still on the safe side).