Hi everyone - first post here

I am the proud owner of an Ibanez jem70v, and today I realised the high e string was very close to the edge of the fretboard. After eliminating the nut and bridge as a possibility, I read that it must be the neck. I undid the screws a small amount and tried to move it in the right direction. Realising there was still too much tension in the screws I did a very stupid thing and undid them all the way with the strings still on and at full tension.

Realising my mistake, I quickly re-tightened them and adjusted the neck in the process. It snapped back into the pocked fine, holds tune still and plays great. I can't see any cracks as of now in the pocket or neck. It only moved in the pocked about half an inch away from the body due to the string tension.

Have I done any damage? What can I do to check? Any tips/reassurance would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you,

If there is no visible damage you should be fine IMO. Maybe some wood pulled out of the screw holes but if it holds tight it's no problem.
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guitarkid8 Thanks for the reply, is there anywhere I should specifically check for damage? I can't see any neck pocket cracks and the guitar still plays fine