Open for all kinds of brutal reviews.
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Definitely bigger, metally drums, you know what I mean? Like something to headbang to. I like the style though. Cuz it's got this melodious piano synth thing going on with the metal chunking. I like how it picks up at 1:00. It'd be a great video game theme actually, like something you could sprint away during in Assassins creed or something like that. Not a big fan of how it ends, but that's just me so I don't know.

I like it though. Can you check out my song?

Hey mate, this is a pretty good piece. I have to agree with dabdabtheduck, the percussion should be more punchy, the snare and kick could come up and the cymbals sound very lo-fi. I could imagine both acoustic drums or a more industrial robotic sound working over this piece. The riff/synths at ~2:25 is really cool and whoever is shredding on those keys is great. Very Jens Johanssen-ish. Although the riffs are fine, I feel they are somewhat overtaken by the lead playing. It would be nice to have some breaks of leads where there is a bit more of a focus on the riffs. The snare level sounds pretty good when it comes in for the outro in the four minute area. Overall the piece is written pretty well, but I think it lacks identity --- a bit too much like artists such as Stratovarius, Yngwie, etc. Although I think if you started emphasising the industrial part of your sound, you could be onto something quite unique (I imagine if you took some inspiration from Sybreed, this might work out nicely).

If you don't mind, I would appreciate some C4C action: