Hello. I tend to like music that continually surprises me. Creates a space and takes me places. I like to make music like that.

https://soundcloud.com/imaginum/jauntae __________(Is there a way to embed?)

There are some gaffs. Technique as much anything else. Given the kind of sound it is, and what I want to do with it, listening back I hear the things I heard when I made the music. Room for improvment on the tone, though. I want it smoother.

I'm curious of your thoughts on and feelings of this piece. And as important to me: I want to know what you hear in the sound. Not who, but what. And the type of speakers you're listening on, if you like. I have two good systems, and it sounds diferent yet equally enjoyable to me on both. I'm terribly curious what others may be hearing in it.

As well, any interested who are feeling sporting, feel free to guess my amp gear.
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