Are there any songs from Animals as Leaders that I can play on a 6 string? I don't know if this was already a question on this forum. Thanks.
Might want to consider posting in a different sub-forum, this is more talking about the guitars themselves, less about the music we make with them.
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I don't think so. I'm not super familiar with Animals as Leaders, but I've heard quite a bit, and it sounds like most, if not all, of it is very reliant on the extended range. Whether it's just using the full range from the extreme lows to the extreme highs, or doing bass like stuff using the extra lows, or just Tosin's super weird chord voicings, it all sounds like it'd be damn near impossible to replicate on a standard tuned 6.
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Some of them can be adapted for a 6 string, especially the fingerstyle tracks. Sometimes you have to substitute some bass notes by notes of a higher octave. I learned to play Another Year, On Impulse and David without use of the 7th and 8th string and they sound great. Obviously songs with heavy riffing using the 7th and the 8th string can't really be adapted for a 6 string though.
You can learn bits and pieces of tracks, for instance the beginning of CAFO can "easily" be played on a 6 string.