An app where you select a bunch of chords and it searchs for you all the songs you can play with those chords.

For example you select G, C, Dm and F# (just a very random example) and the app lists you all the songs you can play with only those selected chords.

I know it presents various problems, just curious to know if a thing like this exists or if anyone has ever attempted to create it. Maybe is totally undoable. Thanks
Ekam Sat
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I'm not aware of such a thing, but it seems like a great idea. On your specific example, I doubt you find many (if any) with exactly G D Cm and F# (in any order), but - depending how big the app's database - you'd find 100s with G C D and Em (in any order). And 1000s with just G C and D.

Of course, there'd be an issue - ideally an option you can select in the app - whether you want songs all in the same key, or songs in any key with the same chords. Ie, do you search for I-IV-V, or G-C-D? And you do want that specific order, or would any permutation of those three do? Do you want to select for genre (much harder to program)?

I'd say it's certainly do-able. After all, this research has amassed a lot of the data that would be necessary: http://www.hooktheory.com/blog/i-analyzed-the-chords-of-1300-popular-songs-for-patterns-this-is-what-i-found/
Of course, 1300 songs is a pitifully small sample to be of much use for the kind of app you're talking about to be worthwhile. But at least the app wouldn't be necessarily spoiled by the debatable assumptions about key that guy seems to be making. Eg, if you only want to search for songs using G,C and D, you don't need to care which is the key chord (ie whether it's in G major or D mixolydian) . No software can determine key, that takes human ears.
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