Hi all,
Finished a new full-song cover over the weekend that I wanted to share...Blue Man Group - Rods and Cones

For those who don't know Blue Man Group, they're a largely percussive musical theater production that uses mallets on PVC pipe, huge drum setups, and other instrument inventions. I did my best to replicate their sound with just a guitar, programmed drums and some effect plugins. For the choruses, I also layered two different Studio Drummer kits for that big BMG sound. I mixed the drums louder than I would for a normal rock song.

NI Guitar Rig
NI Studio Drummer (Garage and Stadium kit)
Ibanez RG-370DXZ guitar w/ Dyno Compression & Vox Wah
Ibanez GSR205 bass
Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 interface

Enjoy! I'll C4C if anyone has a track they want listened to.
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