So, sorry for meganoob thread, but...

So I bought a MiM Strat a couple of months ago and today I decided to put in new, fresh strings (also went up to .10s, instead of the .09s), however when I changed the strings I noticed that the trem looked like it was gonna rip off the guitar. My previous guitars have been fixed bridge, so I don't know if this is normal going up from .09s to .10s and if I need to make an adjustment to the springs of the trem or what. I kinda freaked out so I detuned the guitar and the bridge.

Help me kind people of UG, and thanks.

PD If this is in the wrong forum, feel free to close it. Thanks!
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Should I be worried about the bridge snapping off or neck warping or some serious damage to the guitar? I messed with the claw thing an managed to make it a bit flatter, but I'm not sure if it's still all right.

Also would crossing the springs be enough or is it necessary to buy new springs?

And thanks!

EDIT: This is what the bridge angle looks like:

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Provided you are only using standard tuning with 10s, then there should be no risk to the guitar unless it is faulty. I have had the wood crack in the wall between the spring cavity and the trem block cavity, but this was a very rough old guitar and I was using heavy strings.

You might need an extra spring, but just try tightening the ones you have first.
These trems balance string tension with spring tension.

You're going to have to loosen the strings a bit and screw in the claw a bit until you get it flat again.

No big deal, but you've now learned your first trem lesson: If you change the string gauge, you're going to change the string tension, and you're going to have to tweak the trem setup. If you'd used the original gauge, you wouldn't have had to re-set-up the bridge. There's a corollary to this lesson, by the way. If you change string tension by changing the TUNING, you'll also affect the string/spring tension balance and your trem will respond accordingly.
Thanks, managed to get it down to where it was before (more or less). Now I'm trying my hand to set up the action and the intonation. Any tips? Thanks btw!
As far as action is concerned, I just do it by feel and if you've been playing for a little while you probably can too. Remember to raise up both sides of the saddle equally, but basically either adjust each string to the height you like the feel of it, or if you just want the lowest possible action lower it until it's as low as it'll go without buzzing against the frets when you bend or pick the string. For intonation, use the open string rather than the harmonic for your reference pitch (as the action of picking will probably throw the open string out marginally more than the harmonic, and generally you want the guitar to be in tune with the open strings rather than the harmonics), and compare that to the 12th fret as all the guides will tell you to do. Provided you make small adjustments at a time you can easily undo anything you don't like and there's very little to go wrong.
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