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Anyone have advice on 6 and 7 fret stretches..? I can manage 5 fret stretches, but when I try 6 and 7 frets I feel like my hand is being ripped in half.
I don't think hand size is a factor here, I think I could probably be doing something better. I've been having an easy time learning a certain power metal song until this appeared.. now I'm hopelessly stuck.. any ideas?
May be you need to have some warming up before playing, it's not a panacea in your case, but it definitely worth trying. Check some videos, for example
I've recently been able to get a lot better in stretching being conscious of how I hold the guitar and position my thumb. If I hold it more 'classical' style on my left leg (right handed player!) and position my thumb well behind the neck I can manage some big stretches, i.e from 9th fret to 17th or 3rd fret to 9th fret. I'm not blessed with particularly big hands so I'm not gonna be able to manage much more physically! I have to jut my wrist out quite a bit so it doesn't look very cool, but its effective! :p

Also some exercises like in Petrucci's early examples in Rock Discipline might be useful to try out.

Some how after I while I start enjoying the feeling of those big stretches! Its almost like Pilates for your fingers lol
Udjine: I haven't considered stretching yet because I kinda' just get to practice usually. I think I should probably try stretching now that I need this, thanks.

Jimmy: 3-9 and 9-17?! That's really surprising to me, I'm going to try a more classical position.

I measured my hand, and found from thumb to finger, it's exactly seven and a half inches. I'm not sure what size would make this easier, but I'm not going to give up. Thanks guys.
Question..what is the purpose of this wide stretching..part of a solo?..or an exercise? is it part of a chord formation?..

I began studying jazz on a classical guitar..so the basic harmonized scale chords and their inversions were intense studies in stretching..I had to go very slowly to form some chords and wait until my fingers adjusted to the demand..this sometime took weeks..and then the ability to not only form the chord but to play it in tempo..

Now I have studied with an excellent teacher and learned some incredible tricks..but they all took many weeks of practice and even longer to play them in tempo..

some top players to study using unique stretch technique:
Eric Johnson
John Stowell
Howard Roberts
Ted Greene
Ben Monder

hope this helps
play well

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Position of the thumb on the back of the neck. I don't normally play like this, but moving the thumb down to the edge of the neck and pressing the point of the thumb against the neck and you can stretch pretty far. I can stretch 12-22 when sitting down, but only 12-20 when standing unless I can get someone to hold my guitar while I play.

I would rather just fret-tap the note than stretch like that though.