Hey everyone!

Bet, you’ve noticed that we have a new layout for news and lessons (reviews next), and with a new layout, we want to get user generated content back. We have some guest articles to share tips and tricks, however, I think that not only bloggers have something to write about.

Our Forum is a gold mine and there are tons of helpful and useful information. Let’s make it accessible from our news or lessons sections =)

The idea is to have a rubric something like ”Golden advice by UG Community”, where you (mean niche forums) can publish your Top tips/guitars/amps/techniques/etc.

The idea is to have a thread, where we can: 
1. decide what to write about;
2. discuss if certain advice is useful and helpful.

Finally, we come up with a text to feature on UG (and Facebook) and, ideally, it will be forum users generated article.

Let us know what do you think about it!