Hey everyone!

Bet, you’ve noticed that we have a new layout for news and lessons (reviews next), and with a new layout, we want to get user generated content back. We have some guest articles to share tips and tricks, however, I think that not only bloggers have something to write about.

Our Forum is a gold mine and there are tons of helpful and useful information. Let’s make it accessible from our news or lessons sections =)

The idea is to have a rubric something like ”Golden advice by UG Community”, where you (mean niche forums) can publish your Top tips/drums/techniques/etc.

The idea is to have a thread, where we can:
1. decide what to write about;
2. discuss if certain advice is useful and helpful.

Finally, we come up with a text to feature on UG (and Facebook) and, ideally, it will be forum users generated article.

Let us know what do you think about it!
Great idea - the only reason I came onto this thread was to get tips - bit disappointed there aren't any yet (wife just got her first kit).

I guess advice I gave her so far...

1. Make use of the metronome.
2. Watch a video of it online (drum covers and the like).
3. Practice beats/songs in stages.
There is only one foolproof technique to clear your drums and tests practice and practice and practice more.There are no shortcuts.In drum practice only the way but to control and turn in the car in slow movement.Keep claim and try to stay as relaxed as possible while attempting.Don't to get stressed too much and it will become easier.
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