So I've been messing around with my Tascam DP-006 pocket Studio lately. I've really only recorded Acoustic covers, but I tried Throwing in an electric track with a couple pedals. i laid one track (Wipeout) and it was about a min long. I deleted everything off the Machine and it says that the track is too large. Some of the other songs ive done have been 4 mins long with all 4 tracks. Is this because of the pedals that are making the track too big? if so How do i get a distorted track recorded on there?
diabolicalI will have to take a look at that and see if that works. i did Check the manual and it didnt say anything about that "error" But i will look and see if it directs me how to flash the memory.

I love Tascam recorders. I have a Tascam 2488 24 track and a newer Tascam DP24 as well as a DP 006. How big is your SD card? If you are only using the 2 GB card that came with it I suggest getting a bigger card. I have an 8 GB SD card in mine and I have used it to record my band live and gotten two 40 minutes sets on the card with room to spare. Great little machine to carry around. Excellent quality.

SD cars are so inexpensive now that I buy many of them and on my DP24 I use one card for each project just for convenience. I just bought 8 San Disk cards on Amazon for $6.00 each.
Yes I am guitarded also, nice to meet you.
Rickholly74 Id have to look. I havent messed with it in a while cause of the holidays and Kids and stuff. But i do know that it is the SD card that came with it. i want to say 2 GB? I will have to get a bigger card.
Rickholly74Does Recording with Pedals effect the size of your Recordings? I cant Imagine it would and the person above said it shouldnt but it was just weird to me