I purchased what I thought was an Ibanez ARZ400 off eBay recently but turns out it might actually be the 700... Regardless of what it is it came with active IBZ-LZ pickups that I want to swap out for EMG's. The IBZ's have AA batteries instead of the standard 9volt option so my question is will this be a pain to convert to EMG's or relatively straight forward? Unfortunately it doesn't look like I can just swap them out but please feel free to prove me wrong!

The emg pickups generaly come with all the wires and conectors you need to wire everything together. I think they even include the pots. Im not sure what the single pickup package inlcudes, but if you get a full set, it will usually include the pots, wires, control module and the battery connector. The only think you really have to wire is the switch, everything else just snaps together. And i think even single pickup packages include a volume and tone pot, control module and all the wires. So you will be able to do the conversion no problem.
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