I'm using a hail satan pedal by abominable electronics and noticed that my gain is completely gone if the pedal is off. Here's the situation, I have my 6505 on the gain channel but, if I turn the fuzz pedal off its like i'm on a clean channel. Shouldn't my gain channel I have on be active with the pedal off? This may be a simple oversight on my part but I have not experienced this before. With this pedal I only get gain when it is on. I though it would just act like a tubescreamer boosting an already dirty signal and of course when you turn the TS off you get the regular gain tone. Do some pedals just work like that? Like I said probably just a user error on my part or some other dumb shit.Thanks to anyone who can help.
fuzz is not like an overdrive. sounds like you don't have the gain up on your amp to begin with. if this in't tha case then perhaps you have another issue. fuzz into an already overdriven amp is just going to give you a really distorted sound. an overdrive pushes the distortion and tightens up the sound , not likely a fuzz will do that. more than likely you will end up with an over distorted mess