Hi All!

I'm a new user attempting to use Tab Pro with a few bands that tune down a half step (Van Halen, GnR etc). Here's my issue: I can change the pitch so I can play along in standard tuning, and I can transpose the songs so they can be played in any key, but the actual chord names in the song are always sharp or flat.

For example, the tab will show a power chord with the root on the fifth fret E string. We all know it's an A power chord, but the chord name in the tab insists on calling it a G sharp due to the tuning being a half step down. No matter what I try, I can't seem to find a way for the chord names to just reflect the notes as they are on a standard guitar (while understanding that the artists tune down a half step). It seems cumbersome to play songs with simple E, G, and A chords, but Tab Pro insists on referring to them by their literal tonality.

Hope that makes sense... This my only stumbling block on this otherwise awesome site. Does anyone know if I'm simply missing an option?

Thanks for your help!