Hi guys, quick question about my bass. Last few days I noticed the jack is very noisy and will lose signal unless I lean the cable in a particular direction. Same on multiple cables so the issue is the bass.

The cavity looks like this: https://d3nevzfk7ii3be.cloudfront.net/igi/cVONVrfUNvQDOR3p.medium

Basically what I want to know is can I fix this by simply tightening the jack? The soldering looks fine and if I move the wiring inside it doesn't cause a signal breakup so I don't think that is the problem. If not I assume I'll have to buy a new jack. Any ideas?
These barrel jacks can be a pain. My SR600 has an identical part, though I've not had issues with it yet.

It sounds like there might be some dirt or corrosion on one of the contacts inside of the jack, or the prongs of the jack need to be pushed inwards a bit to make a better connection.

But how you take the jack apart to get access, I have no idea.
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A noisy output jack is common, and it is a royal pain in the ass. It usually comes from the spring metal connector not making positive contact with the cable's plug. You can usually bend the connector with your fingers to fix it. The metal connector also might have dirt or other crap on it that causes noise. This can be cleaned with a good contact cleaner, or with the same bore cleaner that shooters use to clean gun barrels. Try them both and see what happens.
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