I'm looking for a good quality 7 string and I'm think either one of these. I know one is a V and the other is a Super strat and I like both so don't get caught up with the body shape. I'm wondering which one sounds better? And is there any problems with either one being neck heavy? Also, I'm a gigging guitarist so which one is more durable and can take a beating? Also for recording, is there one that sounds better for it?
I've got no direct experience with either, and certainly couldn't compare them, sorry.
You really want to try them in person to determine neck-heaviness, but I usually don't find either Vs nor superstrats have issues in that area.

I have no idea what "taking a beating" means with regard to gigging. Durability usually isn't an issue with most guitars, but I can tell you that a V is longer and has more parts sticking out waiting to get whacked by idiot bass players boinging around the stage. I have guitars that are specific to certain kinds of gigs, and among those, I have "bar guitars." These are far less expensive guitars (LP style) with solid bodies that can double as a defensive weapon . Since the stages (when there IS a stage) are smaller and lower than in some other venues, close interaction (often accidental) with inebriated humans, their body fluids and their adult beverages is possible.

You may want to consider a headless guitar (see the Carvin Vader 7 series) -- it's 10" shorter than most normal superstrats while retaining a full 25.5" scale (27" available) and 24 frets in a neck-through construction package that eliminates a lot of durability variables.
Wabshburn Parallaxe are great guitars I have a PXM10 strat shape with the extended cutaway too many premium features to mention on an affordably priced guitar.

That V has Duncan's 18:1 Grover's ebony fretboard, graphite nut, that is a nice guitar for the price. Just be mindfull of the pointy ends on stage.
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