First of all, let me start off with the most typical thing you'll hear on ultimate-guitar as a response when asking about "the best ____ tone": Tone is highly subjective. What I like you might find awful. So give us a few examples: Songs/bands/artists that have a similar tone to the one you like. Tell us whether you want a beefy and fat tone, a scooped one or a chunky one (or anything else).

Second: What is the rest of your gear? What guitar do you play? What amplifier? What are your EQ-settings? What other pedals (if any) are in your effect chain? You're basically asking for the best topping, without tellung us what dish you are actually planing to make.

Third: It sounds like you are trying to build your tone around (and mainly with) your pedal. Don't. Do. That. Get the tone you want with your guitar and your amplifier. Use your effect pedals for nuances and accoustic decorations. Using another culinary analogy: First you need to find out what dish you want to make, then you choose the seasoning. The seasoning complements the dish, but doesn't overlay its taste. It's the seasoning that serves the dish, not the other way around.
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In fact, wanting different tunings is one of the best reasons to convince others that you need more guitars.
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