So I've taken the plunge and emptied the pockets and got myself a sweet looking 2016 vintage sunburst sg with some mini-humbuckers.

This post isn't completely about the guitar, ( I wasn't sure if it should go here or in the gear section ).

What I'm wondering is whether it's worth getting a better amp than the Marshall mg15cfx to play through?

I've got an Epi Les Paul standard, that sounds pretty decent with the crunch/overdrive settings through it, but it does get a bit muddy at times. Also the clean tones aren't that flash. Could it be the stock pups on the epi that is muddying the tone up? I thought that they were pretty good pups. Will I see a huge
Improvement with the higher quality sg and pups?

So my question is whether the new sg is going to improve my tonal qualities through my little marshall amp?
I've been having a bit of a squiz for a new amp for a few weeks, so far I've come down to a VoxAC15 and a Fender super champ X2. Or maybe once the bank balance recovers a bit fork out for a Fender blues Jr III.

Thanks in advance for any advice ;-)

Btw I realise amps and tones is down to individual preference... any suggestions for some other amps is welcome ;-)
Did you mean 60s Tribute? If you did, vintage sunburst kicks ass, but I'd like to see photos of what you got!
I am still waiting for Gibson to bring back the purple SG. Not the Futura or Robot versions, but the early '70s one that was popular with a number of acts back in the day.
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yes on the new amp

what type(s) of music do you play? how loudly can you play?

EDIT: hard to say about the new SG, I haven't tried those minihumbuckers. they should sound a bit different, at least.
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