This started off different to a lot of the tracks you've done and I like that. Really like you're lead playing too, some cool ideas in there but I assume you improvised a lot of it which, if the case, makes it more interesting in my ear. I like your use of the whammy bar It's also cool that you dedicated this song to your son. All the best to yous
Hey thanks for reviewing my track earlier. I like the ambient start of this track. Great tone to the lead guitar when I comes in, almost feel like it could come up just a tad when the initial drums come in but I'm sure that's just preference in the mix. Lots of good, clean playing in here. Also dig the acoustic outro. Great track!
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My favorite part of the song is the lead guitar, which is very good. Some of the other guitar playing is impressive too. If I have any constructive criticism, it is because the song is very busy, with a whole lot of different melodies taking place all at once. In my opinion, simplifying some parts would improve the song. Merry Christmas! Please review my music at this link:

Hey man, production is interesting but in a good way, didn't expect the song to go the way it does but it flows well. Lead guitar tone and melody is really nice, the harmonies are also pretty cool also. The riffs around 1:10 are really cool, the guitar feels very improvised i'm not sure if that was what you're going for what actually happened. Your use of dynamics is really good, the part aorund 2:50 could have transitioned better but it's a really nice part so I don't mind too much.
Overall really good, you've a lot of good ideas, I'm not sure if they should have all been in one song though but you're clearly really talented, keep it up!

You can review my music here: https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1715522
@Fourfourforever: Hey there, I like those ominous clean chords at the start and the lead. I wasn't a fan of the fade-in drums, I think that would be better if it jumped in. Makes it sound a bit less robotic --- that is, a drummer doesn't really fade in so linearly as you have here. The shredding kicks up quite a bit, some very fancy legato indeed. I wasn't too fond of the chromatics around the two minute mark in the bass. The clean shredding at the end is very unique and tasteful. I disagree with making it simpler, I think it is fine at the level it is right now. Overall it was a pretty decent piece but it's not my favourite you've done.

If you wouldn't mind, I would be very appreciative if you could have a listen to my piece at the following link and give me some feedback as to how I could improve it, songwriting or the mixing/engineering process.

Really cool man !!. I can hear some Becker, Friedman, some early Vai.