Hey all, so I bought a YCS412VA for $300 last year in good shape and as amazingly loud and good it sounds, its honestly too big for anything I need. When I bought it I figured I could find a trade for a 1x12 or 2x12 cab. That isn't panning out but I do have an offer for $300 on it but he sounds like he's going to make payments or something. Here's the issue, after stumbling on some nice builds here and finding out the drivers are about $139 (Cdn) each new, I started thinking of stripping the Traynor and building a 2x12 and possibly sell off the rest or make 2 1x12 cabs or another 2x12 to sell. Is this a moral crime? Lol I live in a pretty small and weak resale market but I took cabinetmaking in college. Thoughts?