Hi all,

I have recently moved to Japan for work and in my apartment I cannot use an amp (for noise reasons).

I have been using a small orange micro terror I have borrowed but it has a solid state back end and doesn't really give a fantastic sound through the headphones.

I am looking for a new amp (as I can play in the basement room here or at a rehearsal studio) but that has really good headphone sound.

In my wild googling all I can find that is not "headphone as an afterthought" are some of the Mesa boogie amps with cabclone DI. Either that or the separate cabclone ci box on another amp. As these take sound at the speaker out, they are getting all the interaction between preamp, power amp and pedals.

Has anyone experienced the headphone sound from these amps or the right box? Or any other options my googling hasn't found?

Thanks in advance!

Mesa F-30 has a cab-voiced headphone out that sounds good. Not sure if you can find one in JP.
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You may be way happier with a headphone rig for practice and an amp for playing with others.

For the price, the best sounding headphone rig I've used is Peavey ReValver Amp Sims on the computer with a $30 Guitar to USB cable and a pair of Monitor Headphones (I use ATH-M50X). I've spent more on the headphones than on all of the software and I consider the laptop a sunk cost because I use it for everything. It's convenient having the amp control and Guitar Pro on the same screen with 1 volume control on the laptop. Downside is I don't have a MIDI controller for changing amp channels or effects parameters on the fly - i.e. the equivalent of a physical pedal board or amp footswitch but it's practice.

You may also enjoy a floor board modeler that you can use with headphones and a regular guitar amp or hook directly into the PA. Something along the lines of a Line6 Pod HD500x, Line6 FireHawk, Line6 Helix, Atomic Amplifire, etc. depending on your budget and features you want/need.

I haven't used the Mesa Cab Clone but the headphone out on a Randall RG100SC and Peavey Vypyr (1st Gen) left a lot to be desired.

Some of the newer modeling amps are supposed to have upped their game on headphone out like the Peavey Vypyr VIP series but I haven't used them.

You and always go with a Vox Amplug for $30 as well. I have the Metal model and for $30 it sounds decent but it's been years since I've used it. The laptop with ReValver just sounds sooooooo much better.

The smaller PODs and devices from Korg and Pandora have a good following as well.

In short from all of this rambling is you have a ton of options across all sorts of different price points. Give a starting budget and some of the functionality you want and we can point you in the right direction.
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I agree with Metalmingee, it sounds like you would benefit from an amp modeler setup,I think a pedal options such as the HD500 would suit you best, you can also buy a powered speaker that you can plug into if you are in a situation where you want to make some noise for others to hear as well.
The amp modeller setup is definitely the way to go. Add the Zoom G3/G5 to the list of kit you're going to try out.
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