So I'm trying to develop this style like a fusion of emo/math rock that's kind of jangly with some complicated bits and combine it with some heavier sludgy Black Sabbath kind of sound with fat rhythms and chugging chords and face melting solos but still maintain a certain chime and bright arpeggiation and licks that bands like capn jazz or DADS has I guess the closest kind of sound in looking for is reminiscent of dinosaur jr. So my question is what chords and scales should I utilize to get this sound sus chords? 7 chords? Mixolydian scale? Pentatonic scale?
Major scale with some tasteful accidentals thrown in idk... major scale is everything you need to know that is where it all starts from. throw in the relative minor which starts 4 frets back from any major key you start in. Example C major then go 4 frets back the relative minor is A. C minors relative major go 4 frets up and is Eb major etc.
Do not worry about modal names and shapes they are just a tool that confusingly just means hey look a major scale where you flatten the 7th = mixolydian they are just fancy terms used anymore to name the accidentals you yourself could just play at a whim in any major key or minor key. Do not bog yourself down with learning all these shapes. Learn your major scale and map it out all over the fretboard and it all grows from there.

Also look up some of those songs you're in to they will show you what they are doing and reveal their style through their songs. The secret is in how they phrase and rhythmically apply the 12 notes in music.
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