Hi all,

My band are looking to get some recordings done so we can put soundcloud on our website. Studios are a bit out of our budget but my brother has a macbook and i've heard you can record through this? question is how?

We have drums, bass guitar, rhythm guitar & 3 vocals. When we play live we run all of this through our mixer.

what would i need to get/download so we can record all this onto the macbook from the mixer?

The main question is whether you have USB mixer, if you do then it is a matter of just taking a usb out to the computer. If not, then you'd need to take a stereo feed out and record that.

When I was on a Mac mine didn't have audio inputs so I first bought this which worked:

You can also try this one:

This is on the cheaper end. For software you can use freeware Audacity or the built in Garageband.

Depending on your mixer you'll need either RCA to 1/8 stereo or 1/4 mono to stereo 1/8 cables.

If you want to step up a little you can go with a standalone recorder and won't need the computer, this kit for Zoom H1 even comes with the right cables:
You can use the "Line In" for recording the mixer feed or you can use the mics later to record scratch practices. I use the hardware recorder method, currently on Boss Micro Br and the recordings of the practices sound great.

Another option is to get a recording audio interface which will be again around $100 or so, something like this which will take your mixer 1/4 main outs or XLR main outs to channel 1 and 2:

or you can even spend a few bucks and go with something that you can cut a multitrack demo with:

for this one you'd need to use mixer inserts to separate instruments or feed the whole band's inputs into the inputs on the interface:

This will provide more professional results than the other ones but there is a learning curve. If you plan on cutting a demo you might as well shoot for more inputs and better separation.

I guess let us know which route you want to go and we'd be able to help you further.